Three Fun Educational Android Apps for Your Kids

Have you been constantly battling with your kids for them to stop playing games on their tablets or on your smartphones? Well, it would not be easy to completely get them off those devices. Post-millennial children are born-digital. They have to constantly fidget with their gadgets to feel that sense of fulfilment. But do not worry. Right now, more and more game developers are venturing into educational games. Why let yourself see your kids only play games where some are about violence or crimes when you can give them educational but fun alternatives, right?


But wait, do not just go ahead and download stuff you see on Google Play. As parents, you also have the responsibility to carefully select and assess the apps that you install on your kids devices. So here are some of the top Android applications for your kids that are definitely not just helpful for school, but also super duper fun!


Bring out the science wiz in your kid (or in you!). It is so much fun even the adults in the house will love it. This is a paid app but you can get it for cheap (about $2). Once installed, you can discover the wonderful world of elements and experiment with them using various lab tools.




There are two versions you can choose from here. Would you prefer the free one? If yes, look for Sky Map by Sky Map Devs. If you can spare $3 then you can go for the paid Stellarium Mobile Sky Map by Noctua Software Ltd. But both are good and super amazing. How? Because they can turn any smartphone into real sky maps you can use to observe constellations, planets, and stars!





This app is developed by Mage and is one of the top Android educational apps in Google Play. The full version costs just $2 but mind you, it’s worth it because your toddlers in preschool and kindergarten can enhance their memory, comprehension, and attention span by playing this animated sound-learning game.



Now don’t you wish you had these too when you were a kid? Before you send your precious children in private school in Dubai, entice them to learn through fun apps such as these ones listed above. When they are ready to go to big school, choose only the best. Visit The Arcadia Preparatory School website to know more through this link

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