Every Man Needs to Know These Common Fashion Jargons

Guys, have you ever been in an awkward situation because you know nothing about fashion lingo? Worry no more! Some fashion stylists in Dubai compiled the most applicable fashion jargons for men on this blog. Read on and be informed.



This term is a combination of the words “self” and “edge.” Selvage is the knitted edge of a fabric that helps prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying.



This refers to a suit jacket or blazer with two pairs of buttons or snaps. The buttons are fabricated on the suit’s overlapping front flaps.



This is a type of pants made with widely cut ankles to fit large-faced boots.



This is also known as cotton twill fabric. This kind of fabric contains a series of diagonal, and parallel patterns of cotton. It is often used for making pants.



This is basically a shirt with a neckhole that tightly fits the neckline.



It is the type of T-shirt that people wear on a daily basis. It has a loose neckhole. Yes, it is larger than the crewneck’s neckhole.



This term refers to the “slits” in a suit. A normal suit jacket either has a center vent, or a double vent on the sides. The former is widely used in America. The latter is popular in the UK. Asians use either of the two.



This is the folded fabric at the bottom part of a pair of pants. Pleats are no long as popular as before because they tend to make our legs appear wider than their actual size.



Merino Wool

You would often hear this term from fashion designers, and weavers. This type of wool came from the Merino breed of sheep. Merino wool is known to be softest, and most preferred type of wool.



This is also known as oxford shoes. The balmorals’ shoelaces are woven under their vamp. They are often worn during semi-formal events, and normal office hours.



This refers to an outfit, accessory, or a fashion necessity that is precisely made according to the client’s specifications. Aside from providing the best fit, bespoke solutions also allow a person to choose the kind of fabric, stitches, and other details on his fashion piece. Kindly go to this website if you would like to learn more about bespoke solutions.



Want more terms? Watch out for our next blogs about fashion jargons. Stay classy and fashionable!

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