5 Features Your Power Bank Should Have

Power is never infinite, and the same goes with batteries. That is why having a trusted power bank for mobile can save you from dead batteries situations, wherein you need to use your phone to call, text or email someone.


It also comes in handy during emergency situations when you need you keep your phone alive and working. Can you imagine yourself stock in nowhere with no working phone to call someone to pick you up? It would be horrible. To save you from this kind of dire situation, you to get a power bank for yourself. Here are the top five features that you need to check if you are buying one.


  1. Power Capacity

One the things you need to look or check before buying your power bank is the power capacity. If you closely look at the products, you can see engravings and encryptions like “power bank 20000mah”. mAh stands for milli Ampere Hour. It determines the amount of electrical energy it can store within the device. So if you have 3000mah, you can charge at least two 1500mah batteries on it.

It would be best to determine the usage also before buying one.  If you have multiple devices, it would be best to get a higher capacity, but the higher the capacity means bigger frames.

  1. of ports

If you have multiple devices that needs to be charged all at the same time, it would be best to get a power bank that has multiple ports. This feature usually comes with high capacity power banks. Be sure to check all the ports of the power bank when buying one. You can also purchase additional cords in case you need one.

  1. Flexible USB Charging Function

Smartphones have different ports depending on the manufacturer. If you have different devices that have different types of ports, get a power bank that supports multiple port types, from mini-USB to thunderbolt ports.

  1. Price

When it comes to budget, value for money is the rule of thumb. But remember that quality should come first. There are power banks that can be costly but you can be sure that you are getting what you are paying for.  Beware of power banks that offer high capacity mAh in a very low price. These devices might be substandard and can be harmful to your device.   As they say, buying cheap is buying expensive.

  1. Portability and Convenience

As mention, high capacity power banks have bigger frames. When buying one, consider the size. If you are accustomed to carrying small purse, choose a small-sized power bank with lower capacity. But if you are on a trip, get the bigger one or bring more than one power bank to charge your devices.

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