Challenges with Aluminum Facade Design

The emergence of the aluminum facades and claddings has added a whole new dimension to decorating the exteriors of structures and buildings. However, the beauty comes at a price not only for the owners but also the aluminum cladding suppliers. Every now and then the architecture designers come up with a new innovative creation with respect to the aesthetics involving aluminum claddings and facades. Despite all the beautification and innovation, there are a few things which are needed to be kept in check before the installation of these exterior fabrications.


The following checklist will help you in a hassle-free transformation from the traditional exteriors to the aluminum claddings-fitted exteriors.


  1. No maintenance required, but care needed

Generally, the aluminum claddings and facades don’t need maintenance as they are equipped with the ability to fight climatic changes and other wear and tear. However, some care is advised largely depending on the type and nature of the coating’s exposure to various different elements. For example, anodized aluminum requires to be washed every now and then, especially if the structure is situated in a coastal environment.


  1. Exposed to Scuffing in humans-filled places

The aluminum facades and claddings largely remain unfazed by the effects and affects of the surrounding natural factors but human factor is always there to harm them. In places like shopping malls and recreational spots, the installations of anodized aluminum are prone to human touch, which mostly result in scratches on the coating of these screens. The experts always advise against installing these facades and claddings on the areas and places which are vulnerable to human interaction. As a matter of fact, a whole new and wide range of powder-coating facades and claddings options are now available which are empowered further to tackle such hits.


  1. Fitting and Fixing need no rocket-science

Fitting of aluminum claddings and facades is not a rocket science at all. It is so simple to fit and fix the points in timber that cleaner lines can easily be created by utilizing the uninterrupted spans. However, this is not really the case with the aluminum facades as they still can move. One must ensure to ask the manufacturer of the aluminum claddings for certificates and corrosion test results before their installation.


  1. Pocket-Friendly

You don’t have to be a Richie Rich to afford the aluminum claddings and facades. These are very much budget-friendly and very cost effective. Aluminum is a lightweight element and needs very little effort and labor for the installation. Moreover, no real maintenance is required which makes it a winning proposition for you. If you want to get more information, read this article.

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