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Mittens Gets Iowa Cake


It was the ever so lovely media repeat of the  ”Too Close To Call” scenario in last nights Iowa Caucus. Rick Santorum, and Mitt Rommney were neck and neck  most of the night with Ron Paul trailing in a not so far away 3rd place, but by the time all the precincts came in it looked as though Mr. Stimulus came out on top edging out Ricky by 8 votes.  I must say that I was not into hearing over and over about how this election is about beating “Barack Obama” .   He doesn’t need help from any of the candidates on doing that.    He is doing a very good job of it on his own.

The reason we are where we are today is because we no longer see things for what they are, but choose to see them for what we think they are.

Voting for Shithead(R) and Shithead(D) in the political paradigm does nothing to resolve the underlying issue. Of bad monetary policy, foreign policy, and domestic policy. It baffles me that American’s in general tend to vote for whoever they think is the so called ” best” person to unseat the one in the oval office, when they seem to be almost the exact same person, and both sides are being  funded by the banking cabal, and special interests groups alike.

I apologize if this article seems very opinionated , but it needs to be..  If this so called 99% is truly sick of the corporations, banks, and capitalism.  Why Rommney?? If you really want to judge and pick a candidate you need to do your research outside of the brainwashed  media spectrum. Don’t let the major media networks pick your next President, we know how well that’s been working for us. Start to think for yourself. Maybe even look into who funds their campaigns?? Is it “We The people?”


Another place to look at the contenders would be to google the name of  the candidate you want to research, and look at their voting record, to see if you support what they have voted for, and if you agree? Actions go quite a bit further than just good “lip service.”  Choose a bit more wisely in the future America. Your future, your kids future, and your grand kids future depend on it. Or continue to not learn from history and go the way we have been going. It’s your choice!