Tips On Shipping Valuables Like Jewelry

Valuables are valuables for a reason. We try to keep them safe in vaults and home storage facilities since they mean something to us. It can be because of the sentimental value or due to its cost. For instance, your jewelry collection. We try so hard to keep these items safe

But if you need to ship them, that is another story. It is not as simple as contacting a document delivery service  where you will just give them the document and that’s it.  Having them delivered to another location might give you a little heart attack. To ensure the safe of these valuables upon delivery, these hacks might help you:

  • Talk to your local shipping company

The first thing you need to do is to look for local courier services in Dubai that accommodates this kind of shipment and delivery. Not all courier services are keen on transporting such delicate items. If you find one in your locale, be sure to specify in details the items. The courier company needs to know the items, how much is its current work and location of the recipient. They need to have all these details to be able to price the shipping right. Fragile and valuable items have different shipping rate than normal goods, and there would be some insurance involved since the item is a valuable.


  • Pack them right

The courier company would be the ones responsible for shipping your jewelry, but it is your responsibility to pack them right so they will be safe during the shipping. Get the right packaging material for your jewelry collection. If you are shipping more than one, it would be best to put them in separate boxes to prevent them items from being tangled. Be sure that the box is filled with packaging material to prevent it from shaking inside the box. Seal the package properly before turning it over to the courier service.


  • Take a photo and send them to the receipt before delivery

Another thing that you should not forget is to document everything. Take a picture of the items before you put it in the box and before sealing the package. This will serve as your reference. You also need to send these photos to the recipient as his reference to check whether he got the right items and there are damages incur during the shipping.




  • Be sure to get the tracking details

Since this package is quite sensitive, be sure to track its delivery from time to time. Get the tracking number and details from the courier company for verification purposes.

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