Tricks When Moving and Storing Your Furniture

Furniture, especially heavy, solid wood or high quality metal, make the moving and storage process extremely difficult. Not only do you have to have more than two people to lug them carefully from one point to another, you also need to maintain enough space to make sure they don’t bump into one another when transporting or storing. And since moving and storage spaces are quoted mostly in square meters, the bigger, bulkier furniture items you have, the more it’s gonna cost you.


But let’s face it, quality furniture is indeed an investment. A good, solid wooden table made of study material could last you years, from the day your first child is born to the day he gets married and has his own family and even longer. In many instances, furniture become the heirloom of a family. So in this article you will find some tips and tricks on how to handle your furniture when storing or moving them to ensure they last for generations.


  1. Check for damages. This is very basic. You would not want an already-damaged item to go through all that movement and touching which will make it more prone to further damages.


  1. Storage must be leak-free. Check if your storage or transport unit is free from holes where water can seep in. This will tarnish your metal furniture or the metal findings on your wood furniture.


  1. Make use of plastic sheets. Add a layer of plastic sheet on the floor of your storage or transport unit. This adds extra protection to the furniture for any case of leaks from the storage floor as well as makes it a bit easier to move the furniture around since it’s slippery.


  1. Let the wood breathe. Wood is organic. It needs to be able to breathe for it to retain its look. So do not put that plastic sheet or bubble wrap before wrapping it with cloth because it may do more harm than good.


  1. Disassemble if possible. Not all furniture at your home were delivered as a single piece. Many had to be assembled prior to usage. So when transporting and storing, disassemble first and cover each piece carefully.


  1. Secure all those little pieces. Do not ignore those miniscule nuts and bolts too! It would bring you more hassle to have to look for replacements come the time you need to reassemble your furniture.


  1. Snug-fit then secure the entire storage. While many companies swear they drive carefully when transporting your things, a few swaying here and there cannot be controlled. Gather your quilts, blankets, and any other items you can use as cushion and fill in those spaces in between the furniture. These will act as padding that would minimize the movement of the items while in transit. Once they are all padded, use a very secure lock of your own and keep spare keys.


And of course, hire the best, most reliable moving and storage company you can find. There many respectable ones in the Middle East, but very few dependable providers offer furniture storage in Dubai. If you need to contact one, go to this website.

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