Cruise Ships for Everyone: Single, Family, and Senior Cruises

Single Cruises

If you want to travel alone but are jealous of the couples who travel together, you might consider single cruises. This type of cruise ships is for the travellers who are not yet in luck finding their special someone. When you are travelling alone, you might find yourself in a situation where you are paying twice the amount you have initially expected. For example, if you need a room but there is no available room for one person, you have no other choice but to get a room good for two people (or even more).

To avoid putting yourself in this kind of situation, check if your cruise line is offering single supplement rates.  You may also check if your cruise line is offering the so-called “single shares”. If you are adventurous and the same time friendly, single shares is for you. It means that you and another person you don’t know will share a cabin and together, the two of you will pay the advertised rates.


Family Cruises

Do you want your better half and children to have as much joy as they could while travelling in a cruise ship? If your answer is yes, then you might consider a family cruise. Family cruises are usually large ships with many amenities for the children and parents alike. Expect fun activities for all age groups—supervised learning programs for toddlers; sports/recreational activities such as wall climbing, ice skating, and basketball for teenagers; and relaxing spa and massage services for the parents. Don’t you think this is the best way to relax while travelling with your whole family?


Senior Cruises

Of course, let us not forget our senior loved ones for it is not too late for them to experience leisure while travelling. Compared to few years ago, it is now easier to find senior cruises because the number of grandparents who are travelling is increasing; it is now becoming a trend. Senior cruises have a peaceful atmosphere; the ships are usually smaller with calming, romantic music. Just like most grandparents, senior travellers prefer relaxation and learning so that is what these cruise ships are offering.


No doubt that there is a cruise ship for everyone. A friendly advice: to make your trip even more enjoyable, you should search for special offers and promos. Just click on this link to enjoy a special promo on a Dhow Cruise dinner. You may also visit for other special offers.

We are truly hoping you’ll have an unforgettable cruise ship experience. Enjoy your travel!

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