What to Consider When Renting an Office

Are you looking to secure an Co-working spaces in Dubai? Here are a few considerations you should heed:

Do Your Homework First

Before renting a workplace, it’s important to plan well in advance so that you find a space that caters well to your needs and aligns with your expectations and requirements. Ideally, this should be achieved without feeling pressured or rushed into signing an agreement. When the need arises, make sure you leave yourself enough time to spare, so that if the available office spaces are not to your liking, you can freely look at other locations without feeling pressured into settling.

Business Location

When seeking out an business centers in dubai, location is the next most important factor to consider after the cost. The best locations are highly convenient for employees and accessible and reachable for clients.  Also, look at the accessibility to public transit and parking options. Also make sure that your office location is in a good neighborhood. Cheap rent is one of the biggest indicators for the fact that the area is difficult to get to or not very safe. Most business locations are chosen in proximity of good restaurants so that staff-client lunch meetings are not a hassle.

Business Type

When choosing an office space, be sure to factor in your industry and nature of business, to make sure that the office space you opt for aligns with your business needs and goals. For instance, if you are expecting a continuous shipment of goods, a downtown spot may not be an ideal choice. Similarly, for startups looking to share an office space, a location in a downtown hub may offer just the right opportunities for networking.

Learn More about the Space

It’s indispensable to find out all you can about the space you are renting. Check if the office includes only available space and if the landlord is basing the rent on the real square footage. This is why; you should always visit the office you are looking to rent before finalizing the deal and have the landlords show you everything. Also ask the landlord to show you the smaller offices in the building for a start. This may prompt the landlord to offer you incentives for renting out a larger space that is available on the property.


It is also important to scrutinize if your office space is accessible for your partners, suppliers, competitors, and clients.

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