How long does it take for the EB5 visa to get approved?

Relocation to the United States of America is on the top of retirement plans for many. One of the best and fastest ways to get US permanent residence visa for such people is by applying for USA citizenship by investment. You will find a number of people inquiring as to how much time it takes to get EB 5 investment visa for USA? If truth be told there is no exact time frame or set rule that how much time it will take to process each application. There are a number of factors that play their role in the period of time that it takes for the approval of an individual EB 5 visa application.

If you want to live a peaceful life after relocation, you should conduct proper research and exploration of US market that what business you will invest in to get US citizenship as well as to secure your future by investing in a profitable business. Good news is that there are a number of regional centers throughout USA that provide guidance to those who need help in this regard. You can choose any regional center out of them that you believe suit best for you and your business. When selecting a business that you are willing to invest in make sure that you have know how and practical experience of running that type of business already.

You should also take on the services of experienced and highly qualified EB 5 lawyer in Dubai. One of the major benefits that you will reap by hiring a renowned lawyer that has sound experience of dealing with EB 5 applications is that he will help you cover all the legal aspects of your visa application. This will increases the approval chances of your application to a great deal. Moreover, your lawyer will be a great help to you throughout the process. You can get guidance from him about US laws, even state laws where you want to invest. He will also help you with all the legal aspects of your new business to make things easy for you.

If your application is accurate and you fulfill all the requirements you will have to wait between six to eight months for the approval of your visa application. In case, you have been requested to submit missing or additional documents to fulfill all the requirements for the visa, it can take much longer time than average time of approval.

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