Tips On Finding The Right Props For Your Food Photo Shoot

Although the food and the dish is the star of the photo shoot, it doesn’t mean that other elements are not important, like the props. The props (food and non-food) are the ones who gives variety and character to the shot – from the silverware that you will be using to the table napkin that you will put beside the plate. These elements is placed creatively to highlight the dish, which is the main focus of the shoot.

Which is why every food stylist and food photographer in Dubai placed great importance on finding and using the best props for the photo shoot. If you are somewhat became in-charge of scouting for props, here are some tips for you:

  • Plates and bowls

The plate and bowl is an essential part of the shoot since it is where the dish is put or laid out. But choosing the plate for a food photo shoot need not to be complicated. In fact, the plate should be simple and elegant to highlight the dish. It shouldn’t be too deep since the photographer would need to take a shot of the food clearly. If the plate is too deep, then it would mean that you have to tilt it to get the shot. And also, avoid patterned plates since it would just distract the viewer’s attention from the food.


  • Silverware

The silverwares add a nice and classic touch to a frame. Choosing a silverware would depend on the theme of the shoot. For instance, you are shooting baby food or dishes for toddlers, you need to choose an appropriate pair of spoon and fork. In case of traditional food shoots, it would be best to use a silverware that is clean, shiny and classy-looking. If you want to add variety, you can also go for antique sets. But be careful on using antique silverwares. You need to keep in mind the theme and the brand.


  • Bread boards

Bread boards are great for shooting specific varieties of food and ingredients such as bread, cheese and wine. The older and rustic they look, the better. When choosing bread boards, you can play with their shapes and texture.


  • Linens

Linens and fabrics props that gives color and contrast to a food shoot, especially if the dish is too light-looking for the camera. Bring in a variety of linens and fabrics in different colors, textures, and uses (table napkin, table runners, backgrounds, etc.) so that you can use different linens for different shots and dishes.

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