What subjects are necessary to teach in schools in 2020?

2020 is arriving soon and it is bringing numerous challenges with it because of the extreme use and availability of technology and gadgets which has great impact on this world and its pace. Todays the world is moving so fast that it has not moved in such a pace in past. 

That’s the reason why kids of 2010s are even different too much from 2000s kids. Thus, this change is creating difficulties for everyone, especially for teachers. Teachers are usually of 1990s or 1980s. At many they are finding it too difficult to teach them even a single topic. It does not mean that there is problem in them or in adults. The problem is in schools and their syllabus. 

As the time passes, our needs change. Today we have different needs. That’s why, there is now need to change our syllabus and curriculum. 

There is need to introduce different subjects and topics which can help them to become a human who control the pace of this super-fast world and make it a little slow so that everyone can adjust there.

The subjects which are required to introduce in schools, nowadays, are:

Digital literacy: One of the aim of education is to make children aware of the world in order to protect them from difficult times. Today, children and even adults are facing difficult due to internet and technology because many of them are bullied and get tangled in criminal activities which they have not performed. Therefore, it is required to introduce a subject of digital literacy in which they are taught about how to use social media and what to post on Facebook and Twitter. 

They should be taught about ethics of social media so that they can save themselves from risky zones. Besides this, they should be given knowledge about dark web and how it is used to do majority of world’s criminal activities so that they can be aware of such crimes and try to keep from them.

Environmental sciences: Today, we do have as much forests as we had in past due to which there are numerous countries which do not dirt-free oxygen. There are countries which are looking for mechanisms to get dirt and carbon free oxygen. That’s why, there is need to teach students to grow plants and give them knowledge that which plant is suitable for which place. 

There should be the topics in which they will be taught that how technology and greenery can be in this world together and how their connection will be established. These teachings and topics will make the schools greener and the homes of kids will have grass and flowers which might have effect on environment and surroundings. So, contact school furniture suppliers in Dubai and order them to make flower pots and numerous flower stands for your schools. You can even contact school stationary shops in Dubai to get files and pencils which can be used to grow flowers and climbers in numerous ways.

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